To Net or not to Net

At what point should a business get a website? What is the best time to start using social media?

I suppose if you’re selling digital goods the answer is obvious, but what if you’re based in the physical world. At what point should a retailer create and on-line presence?

You probably expect me to say now! now! now!

What I would actually say however is this…

Get professional advice, and build your on-line strategy into your initial business plan.  A professionally designed website can work wonders for a business, the right website is more than just a great source of information, it’s a whole new store front for your vision.

A professional looking website makes a business look professional…

…a poor website makes organisations look amateurish…  

…and since 70% of people search on-line for local businesses no website at all makes you look…?

Whether you’re preparing someone’s food or fixing the car they put their children in, the image you give to potential clients is vital. A clean informative website creates an image of modernity and stability.

That said, some businesses can do just fine without an on-line identity, does my local news agent need a website…

probably not…

…unless of course he wanted to operate a small local delivery service for example…

An on-line strategy should be part of any business plan a website being just one tool in a companies ‘virtual arsenal’.

Businesses should have a clear objective in mind when building a website, and using Social Media.

Expert help is vital, to achieve a great on-line strategy that pays its own way.

The important thing is to build a joined up marketing strategy into your business plan.

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