Why Evolution Is True

Courtesy of The Guardian, we have a lovely high-resolution photo taken by the Mars rover Curiosity and some description of what it means.  The first thing you’ll see in the photo is that this mountain has strata, and we’ll need an explanation for that, since on Earth strata are sedimentary rocks, and that means water.

NASA is showing off a high-resolution colour picture sent back by the Mars rover Curiosity, detailing the mountain where scientists plan to focus their search for the chemical ingredients of life.

The image reveals distinct tiers near the base of the three-mile-high mountain that rises from the floor of Gale Crater, where Curiosity landed on 6 August.

Scientists estimate it will be a year before the rover reaches the layers of interest at the foot of the mountain, 6.2 miles from the landing site.

From earlier orbital imagery, the layers appear to contain clays…

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