Why Evolution Is True

Lately my experience with TSA officials in the U.S. has not been pleasant. Besides being groped and goosed, I’ve been yelled at and generally treated like a worm in the security lines. (This is not unique to me: everyone gets mistreated.) My theory is that the people hired to police airline security have generally been powerless individuals then thrust suddently into a position of power that allows them to order anybody around.  Perhaps, dissatisfied with their own lives, they take it out on everyone else. Or maybe they’re just mean.

Granted, I’ve met some nice ones, but generally they are unfriendly, haughty, and officious.  This impression was confirmed when, via a ‘tweet’ broadcast by Jennifer Ouelette,  I learned about the plight of one Arijit Guha, who I’m guessing from the name is of Indian descent.  Four days ago, Guha tried to board a Delta Airlines flight at the Buffalo/Niagra…

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