Why Evolution Is True

It was 154 years ago today—August, 20, 1858—that Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace published their joint papers on natural selection in Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London. Zoology (3: 46-50).  The history of these papers, reflecting Darwin’s and Wallace’s simultaneous writing about the discovery of natural selection, is well known and recounted at the Wikipedia link in the first sentence.  The letters between Darwin, Wallace, Lyell and Hooker that dealt with the publication of these papers can be found here.

In short, Wallace, in the throes of malarial fever, wrote his paper on natural selection on the Indonesian island of Ternate in February, 1858, and sent it to Darwin with a letter asking him to forward it to the geologist Lyell. (That letter was lost, and has led to dark speculations that Darwin got the letter well before he said he did [June 18]…

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