Why Evolution Is True

by Matthew Cobb

Over at The Guardian, their new blogger Dave Hone of the University of Bristol (and, like Jerry, a Spurs supporter) has an excellent piece on the biases in the fossil record. He lists the kind of things that skew our vision of the past – the kinds of organisms that get preserved (v tricky to get soft-bodied organisms), the places where they are preserved (rainforest and mountain top bad, floodplain or lagoon good), and access to the rocks, which can be both geological or political. As he says:

We can’t dig for fossils where no rocks of the right age are exposed, so while Montana and Mongolia are great, the rainforests of the Congo or the volcanic beds of Japan are useless (there’s a reason pretty much every image of a palaeontologist in the field is in a desert or badlands – it’s where the…

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