A Word in Your Ear

Once upon a time in an age not so long ago the only ping that caused me to jump into action was the sound of a microwave.  These days I seem to respond to a cacophony of sounds that interrupt my thoughts, meetings, training sessions, travel, rest periods and down time.   Bleeps, trills, ring tones, bells, silent buzzers that in reality sound like a swarm of wasps, music and ‘humorous’ sound bites assail my ears and demand my immediate attention.   The emergency services could learn a thing or two from my average response time  because I if don’t find a phone or pick up within a nanosecond the person trying to attract my attention will die of  impatience. Either that or there will be complaints, feelings of rejection and/or demands to explain myself when I do manage to make contact.

Most of the world possessed a mobile phone way…

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