Why Evolution Is True

This newly rediscovered species is being touted as a “penis snake”, but it’s neither penis nor snake. It is in fact a caecilian, and since you’re interested in biology (why else are you here?), you’ll need to know a bit about them. I found, via website io9, a description of a new caecelian species that happens to be the largest tetrapod (land-dwelling vertebrate) without any lungs.  This one had actually been previously described from a couple of pickled specimens, but new work has found its natural habitat and has even led to observations of them alive in the wild. (See a more informative description of caecelians at National Geographic.)

But first, what is a caecilian? Before I did a bit of digging, I’d always thought they were simply legless salamanders, but that turns out to be untrue.  True, like salamanders they are carnivorous amphibians and have species…

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