Why Evolution Is True

Two days ago we learned about an image of the Virgin Mary in a tree trunk in Brooklyn: obvious proof of Christianity.  But that was Saturday. Since then, two readers have sent me images of the Hindu god Ganesha (an elephant-headed deity) from nature.  (Ganesh is my favorite Hindu god, and I have a collection of his images I’ve bought in India.) It’s two to one now, and that means that Hinduism wins!*

The first, pointed out by reader Billy in a comment yesterday, is an apparition of the deity in some rocks near Madrid, a formation called “El Elefantito” (The Little Elephant):

If that isn’t proof of an elephant God, I don’t know what is. It’s a gazillion times better than yesterday’s image of Mary.

The second Proof of Hinduism was provided by Richard, who sent me the following email and photo:

Your post on the “Virgin Mary” tree…

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