Why Evolution Is True

Here at the University of Chicago, two of our bigwig academics, Gary Becker and Richard Posner, run a tony website called The Becker-Posner Blog. There’s a lot of brainpower here: Becker is an economist who has garnered a Nobel Prize, and Posner is a legal scholar and jurist (a judge on the regional U.S. Court of Appeals) who has written more than 40 books.

I was a bit astounded, then, to read Posner’s post of June 28: “Why are Americans more religious than Western Europeans?”  This is of course a question that has preoccupied many of us atheists, and the answer isn’t clear. My own feeling, adumbrated on this website and in my paper in Evolution, is that America is a more socially dysfunctional country than most countries of Western Europe, and there is a strong positive correlation between social dysfunctionality (and income inequality, also…

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