Why Evolution Is True

Alert reader John sent me this recent notice from the Chicago Hilton, located downtown.

Now there are two minor errors here, most notably the misspelling of the species, which is really Larinioides sclopetarius. Note, too, that the second name in the Latin binomial is never capitalized though the first one is; this is a common error, almost as common as capitalizing neither name, as in “homo sapiens”, or not using italics). And if there are arachnologists reading, they may see further flubs.

But that’s picking nits. What impresses me is that the biology is basically correct, and they impart so much of it to the wary guests (“spinnerets,” “orb weaving”, the ecology, and so on).  Kudos to the Chicago Hilton for giving guests a biology lesson, even though it’s clearly designed to allay their fears about Flying Spiders.

A 1999 New York Times article about building a high-rise…

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