Why Evolution Is True

From The Agein Oz, courtesy of alert reader Marella, we find that the godless are now the second most numerous category of “belief” among Australians.  These data come from the 2011 census, showing that no-beliefers have passed Anglicans in numbers (Eric MacDonald will be pleased to hear that):

  • Catholics  5,439,268
  • No religion 4,796,787
  • Anglican 3,679,907
  • Uniting Church  1,065,795
  • Presbyterian and Reformed  599,515
  • Hindu  275,535

Almost 4.8 million people said they had no religion, up 29 per cent from 2006, but the number of people not answering the question dropped by 2 per cent. This suggested that more people were claiming a religious identity (including no religion), said Monash University sociology professor Gary Bouma.

The total Christian population is 13.2 million, or 61 per cent, down three percentage points. Catholics have dropped half a percentage point to 25.3 or 5.4 million, Anglicans are down 1.6 percentage points to 3.7 million…

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