Why Evolution Is True

Until yesterday I had one wisdom tooth (third molar) left, and on my last cleaning the dentist recommended extraction since it was crowding the second molar.  It was a completely painless procedure including the two injections, the extraction, and post-extraction recovery (there was virtually no pain, and I didn’t take painkillers or antibiotics).  At the end I had this souvenir:

After it was out, the dentist peered into the bloody socket and said, “Holy cow, there’s a small abscess in there.” Peering more closely, he said, “Nope, that’s a BIG abscess!” I was a bit unnerved, of course, but he just reached in with some tweezers and, with judicious manipulation, pulled out the abscess as a whole. It was a perfectly spherical capsule, about a centimeter across, filled with fluid, white blood cells (aka “pus”) and granular material.  I much regret not having photographed it, but you can understand that…

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