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Just because you pre-date the age of technology doesn’t mean you’re thick or half dead. It’s time they started playing myTune at iTunes.

Some years ago, a telly ad for the Financial Regulator featured a bus full of regular passengers going about their normal business when, suddenly, one of them stood up and, with an anxious expression, confessed to his fellow passengers: “I don’t know what a tracker mortgage is.”

It opened the floodgates.  In turn, the other passengers stood and made their own confessions about seemingly everyday financial terms they didn’t understand.

It was funny.  As an ad, it worked.  People liked it and remembered it. And related to it.  At the time, the economy was booming, money was everywhere and everyone (‘cept me) spoke like they knew what they were talking about.  People didn’t have ‘a few bob in savings’ anymore; they had investment portfolios.  They didn’t put…

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