Whiskey Shots

I came across a post on a cancer support forum yesterday. It was written by a man who couldn’t understand why his daughter, who suffered from terminal illness, was posting her “intimate and innermost feelings online to complete strangers.” He was totally flummoxed. She didn’t share those feelings with him, with her mom. Why strangers? And he kept coming back to this same question, time and again, “Why would she want hugs from strangers?”

I won’t even touch on the obvious answers about how much easier it is to share intense emotional pain with anonymous people instead of your caregivers. I’m a firm believer in expression as release. And this was the typical answer he was given at the forum.

I also won’t mention the irony of his seeking answers and validation from strangers.

But I keep thinking about his misunderestimating the people who read what she’s sharing. He misses…

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