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Why Evolution Is True

I have gradually been compiling a list of modern “natural theology,” that is, those aspects of nature that theologians and religious people see as giving evidence for God.  Until 1859, the list’s top item was organismal “design”, but of course Darwin dispelled that.  But natural theology—the explication of nature as God’s handiwork—is alive and well, as John Polkinghorne and Nicholas Beale argue in the book I’ve highlighted all week, Questions of Truth:

While science is competent to answer its own questions, questions arise from our experience of doing science whose answering takes us beyond its narrow confines.(p. 12)

Over the past months I’ve made a list of where theologians see evidence for God in nature (not all of these are discussed in P&B):

  1. The Big Bang: what got it started in the first place? After all a quantum vacuum isn’t nothing.
  2. Why is science possible at all?  The…

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