It’s will be interesting. I think there is something in it, iPads are expensive and kind of ‘disposable’ short lived tools that apple themselves will make obsolete in the lifetime of a good note book.


Tablet or tweener? Does the Microsoft camp’s convergence argument win the day?

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been clear about tablet-laptop convergence: not interested.

But Microsoft, Intel, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, and a long list of PC makers are. Very.

That would be due to Windows 8 and its touch-centric Metro interface, of course. This is driving PC makers to come up with novel hybrid designs that function as both a tablet and laptop, as was amply demonstrated at Computex this week.

There will basically be two choices offered.

–Products like the Acer Aspire S7 that are ultrabooks with touchscreens.
–And more extreme designs, i.e., true convertibles like the Asus dual-screen Taichi.

I like the idea of an ultrabook with a touchscreen. I mean, why not offer a product with that option? It’s silly not to.

That said, I do see hurdles for the products that take convergence…

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