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I was bored earlier and I found myself hitting the ‘random’ button on Wikipedia. It came up with GeoCities and I had a flash of nostalgia for the very first website I created, at GeoCities. I can’t remember which neighborhood I was in but I do remember doing some embarrassingly basic HTML coding! My page was one long mix of low res pictures, flashy GIFs, blinking graphics and even a scrolling marquee. Cool or what! Ah, simpler times, and to think I taught web design to adults back in the day.

Now of course, it’s no good just being an HTML programmer; you have to understand CSS, php and xyz or whatever! The same thing happened to me with computers. I used to have a BBC ‘B’ computer.

I actually wrote programs for it in the fantastic BBC BASIC. When I progressed a little later to an Amiga I…

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