Why Evolution Is True

UPDATE:  Beale has kindly graced us with his presence (and a snarky remark) at comment #21. Feel free to respond.  There will be more quotes from him and Polkinghorne in the next few days.


I think we’re going to have Polkinghorne Week, with a quote a day from one of the world’s most Sophisticated Theologians®.  This enables me to convert my own frustration and rage at having to read him (and coauthor Nicholas Beale) into useful website posts.  The following quote is an unintentionally amusing gloss on the Trinity, and how it came to be accepted as a “correct” model of reality. It’s from Polkinghorne and Beale, Questions of Truth, pp. 36-37:

Any deep understanding of the fundamental nature of reality is bound to be something of a mystery.  Theologians arrived at the doctrine of the Trinity after long and careful reflection on the facts that…

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