Why Evolution Is True

UPDATE: Don’t miss the exchange of letters (published at New Humanist) between co-author Nicholas Beale and Anthony Grayling. Beale invited Grayling to yet another launch of their accommodationist book, but Grayling replied icily, including this paragraph about the “scandal” of launching Polkinghorne and Beale’s execrable religious book at the Royal Society.

The scandal resides in the fact that this was comparable to the premises of the Royal Society being used to promote astrology, healing with crystals, or worship of the Norse gods. For as your pamphlet yet again shows – it being familiar stuff, save for your novel but bizarre attribution of free will to nature as an “explanation” of natural evil – religious apologists are not in the same business as scientists, but wholly in the business of metaphysical casuistry: twisting, interpreting, rationalising, cherry-picking, appealing to ignorance and special pleading. It is very sad stuff you drag into…

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