Why Evolution Is True

Perhaps the most eloquent critique of accomodationism available is “My God Problem“, an essay by Pulitzer-Prize-winning science writer Natalie Angier. (It’s on the Edge website, and the piece proper begins after the “Introduction”).

When researching her book The Canon, a tour of all the sciences, Angier was dismayed to see how many scientists, though nonbelievers themselves, soft-pedal religion to keep their necks (and grants) intact. And this despite the fact that scientists have no compunction about vigorously criticizing other forms of superstition. The essay embodies her dismay.

Many of you have probably read it, but if you haven’t you must—immediately.  It’s pretty short, and full of snark, humor, and truth. It originally appeared eight years ago in The American Scholar, the magazine of the Phi Beta Kappa academic fraternity.

I’ll give you just a few excerpts. I love this piece.

So, on the issue of mainstream monotheistic…

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