Why Evolution Is True

UPDATE: Over at Sandwalk, Larry Moran, who has dispatched Jon Wells’s ID-based arguments against “junk DNA” several times (see links below), goes after this latest video.


Know thine enemies. Uncommon Descent has a collection of videos from an Intelligent Design (ID) conference at Biola University (originally named “The Bible Institute of Los Angeles”), including talks by Jon Wells, John West, David Klinghoffer, and (God help us) Denyse O’Leary. There’s also a panel discussion.  At another site, you can see videos by Casey Luskin and Jay Richards. I believe the conference actually took place in 2010 but the videos have just appeared. I’ll put up just three:

Denyse O’Leary.  Words fail me about this talk, though if you’ve read her you’ll see that she’s exactly what you’d expect: a rambling, incoherent Catholic who is a straight-out creationist. Watch for amusement only, since there’s little substance here. …

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