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UPDATE–June 7, 2012: The problem now seems to be solved. It is once again possible to post links from blogspot.ca to Facebook.

UPDATE–May 31, 2012: The problem described below extends beyond blogspot.ca. Facebook is also blocking all links from blogspot.co.uk and perhaps other country-specific blogspot domains as well. And, as one commenter below points out, Facebook’s action is retroactive – all past blogspot links from blogspot domains other than blogspot.com have been removed from Facebook, along with all comments posted about them, wiping out years of information and discussion in some cases.

May 28, 2012: For reasons that remain unclear, Facebook has begun blocking all attempts to post links from blogspot.ca, Blogger’s Canadian platform. To post a blogspot.ca link to Facebook you must now manually change the URL from blogspot.ca to blogspot.com, the American counterpart. WTF Facebook?!@#

(Alternatively, if the blogger has installed the “share link” button for Facebook on…

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  1. Facebook is fast becoming a fucked up platform. i am thrilled of the Facebook fiasco on wall street the past week. Facebook is a classic example of what happens when a small idea gets too damn big.

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