Why Evolution Is True

Baleen whales have been hunted and ripped apart for hundreds of years, especially their mouths, where the baleen (extensions of the oral mucosa) was once used as stays in women’s corsets and in making buggy whips.  So it’s really surprising that only now have scientists discovered that there is a unique organ in their mouths that helps them feed.  This organ, described in a new paper in Nature by Nicholas Pyensen and five other authors (reference below), is found in rorqual whales, a subset of baleen whales that include blue whales, humpback whales, minke whales, and fin whales.

Baleen whales, which include the largest living animals on Earth, have a unique form of feeding: “lunge-feeding,” in which they suddenly ingest a  huge mouthful of water and then expel it, leaving the edible contents sticking to the sieve that is formed by the baleen. They then lick off the prey…

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