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a detailed perspective of, ‘I am crossing the ocean with two others on a pice of paper’ by annie vought, 2012
all images courtesy the artist

annie vought has set to designboom images of her newly developed pieces for her existent collection of handwritten, cut-out correspondence. the oakland, California residing artist considered the countless email, SMS, instant messages and twitter posts received in her life, and instead chooses to reject digital message forms. in her cut-out correspondence series, vought recounts various hand scrawled notes, letters that she have found, written, or received by first enlarging these correspondence onto a large piece of paper. her carved reinvention of the immediate communications then has the negative spaces surrounding each character carved away, revealing a network of interconnected letters in vought’s exact-o-knife penmanship, with the word choice, spelling errors and human quality of the original author.

the artist says of her work, ‘through the computer I am…

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