Completly agree, although I use 8gb…


Have you seen the memory you can buy today?

SD and CF cards for cameras offering 32gb, 64gb, 128gb!!!( SDXC)

There are three types of users. Consumer, “prosumer”, and Pro. All three should be using nothing but 4gb cards! I my self shoot for a hobby and as a side source of income. Fine art, band photography, catalog, event, and press are my main areas. I shoot nothing but 4gb cards.

Why is that???? I can get one 16gb card for way less than four 4gb cards!!

Well there are two reasons:

1) You never want to have all of your eggs in ONE basket. Memory cards can fail. They can be corrupted. They can be LOST or STOLEN. They can be damaged. If your shooting you child’s first baseball game or the next issue of Playboy, you need to ensure you are not putting your eggs in one basket…

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