The stupid never ends…

Why Evolution Is True

I received the following email this morning, which, as Thomas Wolfe once wrote to a critical F. Scott Fitzgerald, came like a bunch of sweet-smelling roses cunningly concealing several large brickbats.  I reproduce it unedited.

Dear Mr. Coyne,
My name is [redacted] and I recently purchased your book “why evolution is true.” I have to say I have enjoyed it VERY much so far. I’ve been looking into the evidence for evolution for a few years now, and have gotten more out of your book than anything else, when it comes to understanding the basic mechanisms and what are the benchmarks for evolution.

You say in your book, “….but scientists, unlike zealots,can’t afford to become arrogant about what they accept as true.” (pg.16) If you stand by this statement, I would VERY much like to visit with you regarding a few specifics that, I believe, you are overlooking in…

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