Cosmic Revolutions

This week’s topic is one of my favorites: the intersection of the digital world with the physical.  I’ve discussed this topic many times before (check out my “digital space” tag for more) but today’s especially exciting because it involves ninjas!

Sorry, not that kind of ninja.   I’m talking about the technological equivalent, a nifty device called the Ninja Block, now in development (hat tip to Singularity Hub for picking up on this).  This tiny computer is potent, flexible and bristling with sensors.   What’s most exciting is the design philosophy behind it, which has the potential to completely redraw the border between the digital world and the physical world.

What exactly does this plain-looking box do?  It takes input from something, and then provides some kind of output, according to rules that you define.  Conceptually simple, but flush with potential.

Small pink box with a ninja on it

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