Internet security specialists have applied for a”.secure” domain that they plan to turn into an online safe zone where bad guys aren’t allowed.
San Francisco-based Artemis was awaiting word Friday from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) on whether it was approved to host websites with “.secure” addresses.
“We are creating a safe neighborhood where you know people follow the rules and you can rely on them to do things securely,” Artemis chief technical officer Alex Stamos told AFP.
“There is not going to be typo squatting or malware… We are going to make it really air tight so even if you were in Syria the Syrian government couldn’t hijack you.”
Commonly available, but typically unused, technology tools for thwarting online hackers, viruses, snoops, spies and scammers will be mandatory at websites addresses.
“The idea is to make it effortlessly secure for individuals,” Stamos said.

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