Cosmic Revolutions

Today, there are 7 billion people in the world speaking roughly 6,000 languages.  One day, they’ll all be able to talk to each other naturally, without knowing any language except their own.  This has some powerful implications for many areas of society, and we’ll take a look at four of them below.  But first, allow me to justify the premise.  Is a post-language-barrier world really possible?

If you look at the current state of translation software, you could be forgiven for thinking the answer is “no.”  Machine-translated documents, I’m told, are expensive and poorly done.  Meanwhile, free software like Babelfish tends to translate word-by-word, resulting in hilarious word salads.

How to Automate Translation

But as I once wrote, I think Watson the computer would be very good at translation.  That’s because Watson, unlike ordinary computers, can find references that connect to multiple concepts at the same time.  So…

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