CBS Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (CBS Las Vegas) – The news of Army Specialist Moises J. Gonzalez’s passing came as a shock to those who loved him – including both of his families, who knew nothing about each other until the day of his funeral.

KGET-TV is reporting that the 29-year-old soldier is leaving behind two wives and three sons, each from a different woman. The mother of his second child was not married to Gonzalez.

Darlene Garcia, from Los Angeles, was married to Gonzalez nine years ago, and gave birth to his oldest son. In 2010, he married Ruth Bayona from Bakersfield, Calif., in Las Vegas. She is the mother of his youngest child.

Both were allegedly seated in the front row at his services, but Gonzalez was reportedly the recipient of the folded flag. He was subsequently laid to rest at Inglewood Cemetery in Inglewood, Calif.

Bayona told the station that the ceremony…

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