Why Evolution Is True

Last week I posted about a contest at the Intelligent Design Creationism website Uncommon Descent, which asked readers to find a word for one of the themes of this website:

We need a new Coynage. What should we call Coyne’s battle for incivility toward – and distortion of facts about – traditional religion?

Some of the entries were funny, some lame, but the winner was “The Gnusades”.

In a comment on my post, reader Mandrellian urged us to claim that monicker for our own—a word to be proud of:

Time we claimed “Gnusade” as quickly as possible – let’s steal this bit of smart-arse thunder and make it a badge of pride.

Hell, sign me up for a GNUSADER t-shirt right now!

JAC – time you opened a shop :)

Well, unlike others who will remain unnamed, I don’t aim to profit from my site, nor purvey kitschy, self-promoting memorabilia, so…

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  1. Glad you like “my” image. I agree with those who say the background is too grainy to look at for any length of time. I only chose it to make the giraffe and the gnu feel at home. So here’s a variant more suitable for desktop wallpaper. http://www.top.net.nz/~hugh/Images/gnusader10-uoc-ls.jpg

    Those are unsaleable because I just pillaged images, but I have two shops of original images, one (http://www.cafepress.come/ahua) where you can safely send your grandmother (the “geeky” section may be of interest), the other (http://www.cafepress.com/wero) more edgy/adult/confrontational.

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