Why Evolution Is True

There are a million stories about why people left their faith behind, and this is one. It came out of the blue from an old college friend, Steve Wagner, who emailed me after reading my post on the “should-atheists-be-nice-to-Christians” poll. I reproduce his email with his permission:

I voted with the 87% on the “should we kiss ass to Christians?” poll.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: When my family moved to Seattle I was 8.  My brother, Bobby, was 6.  Our mother packed us off to “Bible School” at a Presbyterian Church almost right away.   She would send us off with no breakfast, figuring that we could “eat” at snacktime. We knew no one there.  One day Bobby was hungrily looking at the cookies and Kool-Aid that was there for the brainwashed kiddies’ snack.  Bobby whispered to me, “I sure would like one of those cookies!”

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