Tirades to Persuade

Brace yourselves.  This post gets academic.

Social change in America does not happen overnight.  Groups advocating social change (hereon referred to as social movements) have to consistently apply pressure to political lawmakers in order to even be considered on the national stage.  These social movements work tirelessly to further their cause, but such work only helps their cause to an extent.  At some point there is enough pressure from the public that the ball is 100% in the policymaker’s court; however, finally achieving the desired success requires favorable outside factors to complement the work done by the social movement.

In fact, the social movements specifically pandering for sexual or racial equality need the U.S. to be in a full-scale war that requires conscription.

Why must the U.S. be at war in order to achieve sexual or racial equality?  My theory is that when things (diplomatically, economically, culturally, etc.) are going…

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