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We need passwords for everything these days.  Email, network access, shopping, and increasingly, online applications.

I have, as of today, twenty accounts with various employers / career websites.  Each site requires a user name and password.  This is getting ridiculous.  I could use the same one for all of these, since they really aren’t that important in the scheme of things.  After all, I’ll abandon them as soon as I get a job.  But that doesn’t stimulate my creative side.  And it’s not a good idea in general.

A strong password contains letters, numbers, and special characters as allowed by the software.  As my job search continues, some of those words are becoming less than polite.   Obviously I can’t share them with you.  At least it makes them easier to remember!

Image: Stuart Miles /

Basic password safety includes the following:

  • Create passwords that aren’t easy to guess.  Microsoft’s…

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