I’ve never heard of mapquest…


“I don’t know how to get there.” “Just mapquest it.” I bet you’ve heard that a few times. A recent study conducted by Walton Retirement Home of Southeast Ohio showed that 6 out of 7 people who use the word “mapquest” are exclusively referring to Google Maps. Mapquest, commonly known as the original Google Maps, is a service that truly innovated the industry with online maps, directions and more. In fact, it became such a hit that the word “mapquest” evolved into a commonly used verb for “mapping your route online”.

Mapquest paved the way for other great services to simply copy-paste Mapquest’s entire site onto their own server, change the logo and promote it as the next big thing. One of those great services is Google Maps.

Just a short time after Google Maps bursted on the scene, Mapquest became yesterday’s news. Though Google Maps was nothing more and…

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