Why Evolution Is True

Well, Bart Ehrman has responded on his website (Christianity in Antiquity: The Bart Ehrman Blog) to Richard Carrier’s criticisms of Ehrman’s new book affirming the historicity (but not the divinity) of Jesus. Well, he’s sort of responded, because, in his reply, called “Acharyna S, Richard Carrier, and a cocky Peter (or ‘A cock and bull story'”) he takes up only one of Carrier’s assertions: that a statue of a man with a penis for a nose sits in the Vatican, a statue whose existence Ehrman previously denied.  This is only one of elebenty gazillion criticisms that Carrier levelled at Ehrman, and is by far the tamest.  I haven’t seen Ehrman’s original assertion that the statue did not exist, but I’ll take Carrier’s word for it.

In his response, Ehrman admits that the statue did exist, but it wasn’t a statue of Saint Peter, so it was irrelevant…

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