Why Evolution Is True

Most of you surely know of Victor Stenger, a physicist who has written several books on science and atheism, including God: The Failed Hypothesis and The New Atheism, both of which I liked.  His main thrust is, like Dawkins, to regard the notion of God as a scientific hypothesis, and then apply the tools of science to show that the hypothesis is falsified. (Dawkins may be backing off on that view: lately he’s floated the idea that the notion of God is intrinsically incoherent). Stenger has also written eloquently, and at length, about the failure of the “fine tuning” argument for God from the nature of physical constants.

At any rate, I’ve just finished Victor’s new book, which you’ll see from the title has a particular interest for me: God and the Folly of Faith: The Incompatibility of Science and Religion (only $13.43 on Amazon).  I can recommend this…

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