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As a mother, I spend 90% of my day saying no. Well, in my head it’s more like “WHAT THE F%$K ARE YOU DOING??? HAVE YOU NO NATURAL INSTINCT FOR SELF PRESERVATION???”. Thank goodness for inner monologue. A lot of times, my no’s are preventing things that most humans wouldn’t consider food from entering the mouths of my children. When they were small, it was toy truck wheels, marbles, crayons, loose change and now it’s the tv remote (for some reason Nate likes the buttons- he’s so headed for the TLC show about weird cravings), boogers (ew) and any food wrapping that they have decided is too difficult or time consuming to remove.

Well struggle no more with those wrappings, eat them. Eat away! They’re edible. Dirty and germy maybe, but edible. You want to eat the bottle too? Go for it! Two companies in the U.S are currently racing…

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