The US is way out of date on this issue.


Dear Mr. Harper:

Is it really true that all those Presidents of all those Latin American countries are wrong about including Cuba in Hemispheric discussions and institutions, and only you and Mr. Obama are right?  Or, is it that you and the government of the United States are arrogant and ignorant in continuing to embrace a policy which has a 50 year history of failure?

You stated that you would welcome Cuba in as a “democratic” country, implying that all the attending countries are worthy democracies, and Cuba is somehow evil.  Voting does not make for a democracy.  Many dictatorships (in the case of some Latin American countries these are often oligarchies rather than straightforward dictatorships) hold elections.  What does an election mean in a country without strong institutions of a civil society-  an honest police force, a truly free press, effective courts, respect for human rights and a reasonable…

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