Earlier in the month I wrote an article on the upcoming [HR 3523] Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, CISPA for short, that is set to become law in the US in the near future.

The bill itself makes amendments to the already existing National Security Act of 1947 to grant access to any data regarding a so-called cyber-threat to not just the government but also private security agencies. As with the SOPA and PIPA bills that were shelved after massive on-line protests by members of the public as well as some of the biggest names in tech, CISPA is written in an extremely vague and non-transparent way giving it plenty of scope for abuse.

Currently the bill has been ‘Reported by Committee’ which is the third step of six, at which time it gets signed into law by the President, which if allowed to get that far in its present form will happen unless challenged. The…

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