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A new restaurant is to open in London serving Champagne and hot dogs.

Bubbledogs will offer a choice of 10 hot dogs and will serve grower Champagnes as well as sparkling wines from around the world including Gruet, from New Mexico.

James Knappett, a formerly head chef at Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley, is heading the new venture with his wife, Sandia Chang.

The inspiration for the London restaurant is Crif Dogs in New York’s East Village, a hot-dog cafe with a cocktail lounge reached through a secret door.

Many different foods can be matched with Champagne, we have compiled a list with help from our social media followers. 

Bubbledogs is scheduled to open on Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia, in June.

Prices are set to start at about £6 a glass and the same for a hot dog.

The hot dog varieties include the BLT with truffle mayo and caramelized lettuce…

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