I could use some offline time…

Asad Dhunna

In a previous post, I suggested that “we are still getting to grips when as and when technology should be used for certain things and in some cases, it takes away the ‘serendipity’ that day-to-day life can bring.”

Three recent events made me think more about this statement. The first was a former client, who e-mailed to say ‘remember, Asad, there’s a whole offline world to live’. The second was a friend on Facebook asking ‘why does no-one ever call/text? and the final was going for 24 hours unplugged (see last post).

I am forever thinking about how we interact with technology. On the one hand, amazingly social experiences take place using technology (indeed today Facebook has valued these sharing experiences at $1bn in its Instagram purchase) but at the same time, when we are together in groups, we can become less social in hiding behind screens to…

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