The book I read to research this post was Astronomy for Dummies by Steven P Maran which is an excellent book which I bought from amazon. Some astronomers especially ones who who work with abstruse physics & robotic telescopes might not have traditional knowledge of the constellations. There are far more amateur astronomers than professionals & a lot have made a useful contribution by things like discovering comets. It worth mentioning some guesthouses & hotels have an inhouse large telescope o r in some cases several & you can go on stargazing weekends. The largest moon in the solar system is one of Jupiters moons called Ganymede & that along with Titan the largest of Saturns moons are larger than Mercury. One of Jupiters moons called Lo is the only body in the solar system along with Earth to have active volcanoes. A probe called Cassini is mapping Jupiters moons…

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