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Why the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Devours Its Battery – Businessweek.

Simple, the Android OS is not as efficient as iOS.

Having previously used an Android phone by Samsung, I found that with my typical usage, the battery would only last about 4 hours (text, email, phone calls & bluetooth) while making sure any unused apps were shut down (not all could be shut off by the user).

In comparison, my iPhone 4S lasts about 12 hours or more with heavier usage than on my Android. This includes having between 4 and 6 apps running, using bluetooth, directional services, GPS, text messaging and email.

Both phones are CDMA models with 3G data.

Friends and business associates who use Androids all find that their phones last even less if they have larger screens or WiMax/LTE models.

It is simply obvious that Apple has done a far better job of making their…

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