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Did you know that bonobos have a “fascination with computers”? No? Neither did we. But a new Kickstarter project from the Bonobo Hope Great Ape Trust Sanctuary in Des Moines, Iowa needs funding to make every bonobo’s technological dreams a reality–from operating vending machines to, improbably, controlling their own robots.

The bonobos are apparently already pretty adept at recognizing and communicating through lexigrams, a language used by apes in which words are replaced by specific images. At the moment, the bonobos use a big interactive board filled with lexigrams, but in Iowa, the researchers want to give them the ability to move about and control their own environment, which means the bonobos need a portable version.

The app would give the bonobos the ability to control vending machines, interact with people on the go, play games, and for some reason, control robots with a terrifying bust of another bonobo. Imagine you get…

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