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I’m not at all surprised Rick Santorum has done as well in the Republican primaries as he has.
In a campaign filled with pro-theocracy conservatives, he’s the most outspoken about the right of the right to impose its faith on everyone else (and also the most articulate about it). In a recent column, he makes the same argument I’ve heard religious conservatives make for years: Denying them the right to control America’s sex life (among other things) is tantamount to religious discrimination. I’m not aware of any of the other candidates saying it quite so openly.
Santorum’s pitch is the standard line I’ve heard many times before: He’s acting on his principles, like Martin Luther King, like the Founding Fathers, like countless activists throughout American history. To say that he shouldn’t follow the dictates of his church is no different from shutting religion out of the public square. Separation…

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