Jason E Cooper

They have destroyed the NHS, taxed the pensioners whilst giving tax breaks to the rich, hosted dinners for doners to talk policy, increased the price of pasty and encouraged people to set fire to themselves in the kitchen after causing panic about a petrol shortage. When someone shouts ‘Don’t panic’ the first thing people do is exactly the opposite, and if you loo at the list of changes, the only one that really affects the Govt is the tax break……hmmmmmmmmmm something suspicious about that. The coffin is closing, the last nail is about to be put in and the Govt is determined to make living in this country pure torture for many individuals.

Amnesty intervention should intervene on the grounds on human cruelty, either that or we should all raise funds for a private militia to take over, maybe talk to the C.I.A, they (allegedly) have experiance about this sort…

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