I use Twittelator, I think the official app is still pretty poor, (although better than it was).


Twitter has just announced it’s expanding its promoted tweets & promoted accounts systems on mobile devices, and will now start serving up adverts to users from brands that they don’t already follow on Twitter. That sounds incremental, but what it means is that Twitter on iOS and Android is now an ad channel much like TV or the web is. The company’s also enabling more targeted ad options for its partners, including specific device types–possibly for demographics matching.

People who access the service via Twitter’s iPhone and Android apps, will soon start seeing adverts, from the likes of big brands such as Starbucks, appear in their timeline. Twitter introduced sponsored tweets into the app’s search results and into the trends list. Twitter had already put adverts on the mobile version of its site, but had yet to roll out adverts via its app in the timeline.

Twitter spokesman: “In the coming weeks…

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