I don’t see how the 2 issues relate. Politicians are mostly dishonest, one area they are open to temptation is via a need for funding…

Notepad on Life

Official photographic portrait of US President...With the Tories’ own goal on party donations raising the appalling prospect of renewed calls for political parties to draw on the public purse, a timely put-down for the idea comes from across the Pond.

The arms implications of  Barack Obama’s off-mic promise to the Russian president I’ll leave to those more qualified to comment but his following quote is relevant for any democracy:

“This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

For anyone who didn’t immediately decode it, here’s what that statement is shorthand for:

“In November of this year, I have to go through this charade, in which I promise my people anything that I think will get me back into the White House. Once that’s attended to, I can do pretty much what the hell I like regardless because I’ll never need the support of those schmucks again.”

Now this hardly rates…

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