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by Brad Hawk

Windows Phone Stepping Up It’s Game – Microsoft is really making a push to gain market share, as they’ve announced two flagship level phones on AT&T today.  The Nokia Lumia 900 will be only $99, and the HTC Titan II will be $199.  Both launch on April 8th, and feature 4G LTE and very nice cameras (8MP Carl Zeiss lens on the 900, 16MP on the Titan II).  That’s really aggressive pricing.  Is this a good deal?  Let’s put it this way – I was waiting for the HTC One X, and now I’m tempted to check these out.  Windows Phone’s quick UI on non-super-phone spec’d hardware and integration with Facebook/MS software gets more intriguing by the day.  I will definitely be playing with them in the AT&T store soon.

Prioritization Optimization and SEMInteresting article about what many of us in the search industry…

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